Yukon Renews Commitmnet Through Disbursement of Literacy Funds

The Literacy Action Committee disbursed three rounds of funding in 2005, with the continued support of the Government of Yukon, for local literacy initiatives throughout the Yukon.

Most recently in November, approximately $78,000 was awarded to 15 groups operating literacy initiatives in Whitehorse and in the communities. The Literacy Action Committee was formed to address Yukoners’ literacy needs of as outlined in the 2001 Yukon Literacy Strategy, which was written in consultation with literacy stakeholders throughout the Yukon.

“With the targeted funding available through the Literacy Action Committee, we are strategically working towards improving literacy rates for all Yukoners,” Education Minister John Edzerza said.

“We are very pleased with the International Adult Literacy Skills Survey results released in November – Yukoners have, on average, the highest literacy rates in Canada,” Edzerza added. “The survey also indicated that while literacy is high for some groups, we still have room for improvement in other areas.”

Literacy Action Committee 2005 disbursements totaled nearly $200,000 and literacy initiatives also received government support from the Community Training Fund programs. In addition to Literacy Action Committee funding, the Government of Yukon has dedicated $100,000 to undertake a review of the Yukon Literacy Strategy in spring of this year.

“I am pleased that the Literacy Action Committee has been able to make a meaningful impact on the lives of so many Yukoners. Over 73 per cent of our successful applications came from projects in the communities where the need is greatest,” Literacy Action Committee co-chair Rick Goodfellow said. “The projects funded by the committee are unique to each community therefore; the projects are more engaging and effective in terms of delivering literacy education.”

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“The Literacy Action Committee looks forward to continuing our work in 2006 on behalf of the Government of Yukon and our other partners in literacy under the guidance of the Yukon Literacy Strategy,” Goodfellow added.