You Might Be a Teacher If . . .

  • Most of the students that you call “my kids” aren’t really your children and most of the kids that call you “Mom” aren’t really your children either.
  • You have only one pen in your purse and it’s red.
  • You expect to sit on the floor at sessions of your professional convention.
  • You’re 40 and still asking for stickers for Christmas.
  • You think “bag lady” and “kindergarten teacher” are synonymous.
  • You tell unruly kids in supermarkets to smarten up and get in line.
  • You’re wearing gym shoes with a dress.
  • You visit your child’s school and you’re the only adult who removes her shoes at the door.
  • You have an irresistible urge to rub off the black scuff marks on the floor when walking down institutional hallways.
  • You spend half your coffee breaks and lunch breaks doing the work that needs to be done before you can go back to work.
  • You do up 25 coats every time you head out the door at work.
  • You have a written plan for your day off.
  • You have a “to do” list for the months of July and August.
  • Half the souvenirs that you brought back from summer vacation have some future job application.

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