Teaching Health and Using Technology - Health information and using technology as it applies in and outside the classroom. Lots of resources to choose from.

Link Up A Web Site for Parents - Quality sites on College, Education, Research and Homework Help, Parenting, Children's Software and Holidays.

Songs 4 Teachers - Features free theme-related songs, poems, activities, book suggestions, links and more to help teachers with lesson plans.

The Canadian Letters and Images Project - An online archive of primary materials which preserve the personal side of the Canadian war experience from any period in Canada's past.

Building Cathedrals - Provides a many insights into best practices, and resources which focus on student learning that leads to brilliant teaching.

Kidszone - This site is a great crime prevention, child safety and anti-bullying resource. Lots of great materials for students to enjoy, as well as teachers.

Artbunga - Their mission is to be the web site for creative kids, providing students with tools for creative writing, drawing, and more.

Secrets At Sea - This a great educational web game on killer whales and other ocean things. The site is well organized and very interactive with lots of fun for teachers and students. - This site has lots of potential and a great distraction for educators. When you register you can participate in discussions in the forum, on-line chat with other members, review other members reading lists.

Rosa Parks Community Nursery - This is not a Canadian site, but it definitely deserves recognition. They are a "not for profit" registered charity providing pre-school education for 
low/single income families.

Creativity Resources - Find interesting creative answers to problems or share a problem with others. It has a growing community of visitors. 

Professor Freedman's Math Help - Provides information about basic math and algebra and specifically addresses the needs of the community college adult learner.

Canadian Museum of Civilization - This site includes numerous online exhibitions on Canadian history, Native peoples, and different facets of Canadiana. It is beautifully laid out with great photos and information.

 Teachers' Lab - The goal of the Teachers' Lab is to provide teachers and educators with a deeper understanding of commonly taught math and science concepts. This site is like taking a self-directed professional development course. 

 Adam's Playground - Lots of great information for parents interested in creating playground equipment for their kids.  There are some neat graphics on this site that you are sure to enjoy. 

Historica - An online resource for teachers and students interested in Canadian history. This site has lots of useful information from biographies of famous Canadians to important events.

To Millenia of Peace - What a beautiful site, with a great  flash media introduction. Find interesting information on war and its effects. This is great way to get older  students involved in the topic of peace, through an understanding of the nature of war. It is worth the load time. 

Replicators: Evolutionary Powerhouses - An interactive  website on various aspects of evolutionary theory. A very  well laid out web site, with great content and information on  evolutionary theory. - Play site for kids featuring coloring  pages, interactive e-books, holiday activities, musical postcards, and educational games. We really enjoyed the Print Zone where you can find certificates, a bookmark and stationary.

Lightspan's - This site offers interactive  content and activities for students, and printable worksheets  and information for parents and teachers. 

Online Conversion - A resource for converting length, weight,  volume, area, power, and more. This site boasts 8,100  Conversions and Calculators. It is a great tool.

SECIS Online - Get information about the sun, solar eclipses,  IT and space science, scientific research and public  understanding of science and technology. There is lots to  explore at this site. 

Sherlock Holmes on the Web - "Yoxley Old Place" Step into the  world of 1895, foggy gas lit streets, hansom cabs and Conan  Doyle's immortal sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. Yoxley is  your portal to the world of Holmes and Doyle on the web.


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