Vote 2006 – Teachers across Canada Invited to Investigate Party Platforms

As they go to the polls, Canadian teachers and supporters of public education are asked to
carefully examine each federal party’s position related to children and youth, and to vote for candidates who give priority to education and public programs that support the well-being of children and youth. The President of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) explains that although the provinces and territories are responsible for education, dozens of federal government programs and policies directly affect the lives of teachers and students.
“For example, issues such as Copyright and the use of the Internet and Canada’s commitment to the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals fall under the federal government’s responsibility,” says CTF President Winston Carter.
“Canada’s teachers have a direct interest in issues relating to First Nations, Métis and Inuit youth, new immigrants, minority language education, healthy schools, skills training, and supports for children and youth with physical and mental challenges,” says Carter. “From a broader perspective, teachers understand that the government’s response to poverty, health care and homelessness will have a direct impact upon the ability of many students to
learn and succeed.”
“We’ve also probed leaders the four major parties, being the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Bloc Québécois what they would do with respect to keeping Canada’s promises to the world’s children and to meeting its objectives towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals. This compilation of party responses is a must read for anyone concerned with education and the well-being of children and youth across this country,” concludes Carter.
Party leader replies are now available on CTF’s Web site at Members and supporters of public education are encouraged to raise these issues with their local riding candidates. Another
section of the teacher federation’s Web site features backgrounders, sample op-eds and letters to the editor on most of these issues.
Link to the document “Our questions – Their replies”

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Here are the key issues that are covered in the questions to the parties:
– Immigrant and Refugee Children and Youth
– Vocational and Technical Skills Development
– Aboriginal youth
– Healthy Schools – Children and Youth with Physical and Mental
– Francophone Children in a Minority Context
– Civil Society – Voter Engagement
– Copyright and the use of the Internet
– International Trade Agreements
– Canada and the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals