Unleashing Your Brilliance – Book Review

“Unleashing Your Brilliance”, a book written by Brian Walsh, is chocked full of tips and tricks that you can use in your classrooms the very next day. This book is well paced with ample opportunities within the context of the book to review what you have learned. Brian Walsh shares his knowledge from over thirty years of corporate trainer experience.

Not knowing much about brain based learning and the corporate training aspect of the book, I was quite skeptical about the ideas that were being discussed, but after many debates with me peers I would have to say I am quite convinced about its benefits to all educators.

A simple example of the hundreds that are described in this book is the negative effect that florescent lights have on a learning environment, as opposed to natural light. I thought about the types of rooms that I have taught in and the way that I felt in these rooms. As I reflected, I noted that rooms where natural light was prevalent helped to create a more welcoming environment for myself as well as my students.

This book is great for classroom teachers, but would be extremely helpful for those who work with educators specifically supervisory officers, administrators, and consultants. I would definitely recommend adding this book to your professional bookshelf.

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You can find this book at http://www.unleashingbook.com/

Sue Rutter – Staff Writer TheCanadianTeacher.com

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