Seating Plan Tool

How It Works?

Use the Create Desk button to make a desk appear in the work
area.  Drag the desk to where you would like it to be situated in your
classroom and enter student name(s).  When you are done select the Print

Assigning Names

To assign a student name to a desk, select a desk with your
mouse.  Enter the student name in the area on the left and select the enter
button.  If more than one student sits at a desk enter all the names in the
area on the left.

Remove a Desk

To remove a desk, select the desk with your mouse and then
select the Remove Desk button in the area on the right.

Changing Size of Desk and Text

To change the size of a desk or text on the desk use the Change
Size buttons in the area on the right.

Begin Using The Seating Plan Tool