The Best Birthday Gift by Denise Berg

I love teaching Grade Three. Children still like school. Everything is fun, especially birthdays. My birthday is in early December as are a few others in my classroom. This year, my birthday coincided with a hockey tournament in town.

Josh, being an avid hockey player, missed the morning’s class to be in the tournament. Upon his return to class, he set about making a birthday card for me. The front had a cute hand-drawn picture, however, it was the message inside which was very touching: “I hope that your day is a nice as you are.”, signed Josh.

Well, that made my day. The message was sweet and considerate. Just when I thought that Josh’s gesture was the ultimate, Josh came up to me and said, “You know what, Miss Berg?”. I replied, “What’s that, Josh?”. Josh answered,

“Miss Berg, you’re day could not be as nice as you are because you are too nice.”

I thanked Josh. Not only did he give my day a boost, but sometimes when things are really hectic or not going the way that I planned and I need a pick-me-upper, I think of what Josh told me that and I feel a bit better.