Terry Fox Run Largest Student Event in Canadian History

Canadian hero Terry Fox had a dream that unified the country. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Terry’s Marathon of Hope, the Board of Directors of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association unanimously endorsed the participation of every member board and
every school in The Terry Fox National School Run Day.
“This is the largest single-day student event in Canadian history and
shows the world just how caring and compassionate our students truly are,”
said OPSBA president Rick Johnson. “Their participation gives hope to the many
children and adults who are courageously fighting cancer.”
The Terry Fox Foundation is asking every student in every Canadian
school to participate on Friday, September 16 in the Terry Fox National School Run
Day, an event that will be held simultaneously at schools from coast to coast.
OPSBA worked with the Canadian School Boards Association to encourage every
student and every school in Canada to participate in the event. In Ontario,
more than 4,000 schools are participating which is a 100% increase from last
In September 2004, Trustee Beryl Ford helped organize the Peel
Terry Fox Pilot Event that involved all students and staff in Peel and raised over
$1.1 million. This community event included the Peel District School Board and
the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board and involved volunteers from
the police, fire department and other agencies. It was the precursor to this
year’s National School Run Day. Trustee Beryl Ford described the event as “one
of the most gratifying moments I have experienced in all my years as a school
board trustee.”


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  1. Hi Everyone
    It’s me again, just to let you know I am a Terry Fox team member my left leg has a prothesis in it from top to bottom.
    So you can’t see it on the outside but its there alright. I am very popular at the airport, get dirty looks from cops, the public when I get out of my car and then oops I grab my cane and all is well with the world again. I got told one day going up an escalator that I had beautiful legs by a little elderly woman, and I turned to her when I got to the top of the floor and said “thank you so much but one of them isn’t mine” she just about passed out when I told her my left leg inside had a prosthesis in it

    I would love to come to your school one day and speak about Terry Fox and the results of research because that is what I am

    all the best
    Christina Doyle
    Richmond Hill
    Ontario Canada

  2. hi… im am Javeria. I would love you to come to my school & tell us about yourself and terry fox… we love him
    god bless him

  3. I would love for you “christina doyle” to come to St.Peters school in Parry Sound Ontario Canada for a history in time and about everything that has happened to you and what exactly prothsise is to everyone.

    Shyanne Eagle

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