Teachers Welcome Legislation

Ontario Teachers’ Federation President Marilies Rettig today welcomed the introduction of the Student Performance Bill in the Legislature. “Much of what is in this bill gives legislative authority to policy changes and direction that the Government has committed to implementing over the last year,” she said. “Many of the provisions of the bill give the Government legislative authority to make regulation. While we need to see the details in the forthcoming regulations, we are happy with the general direction of the legislation. It returns a degree of professional authority to the teachers of Ontario.”

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“We are especially pleased that the Minister has been consulting with teachers, in particular, on several of these items and with all education stakeholders generally,” Rettig added. “The Minister’s Partnership Table on Education and its working tables did much of the preparatory work on the New Teacher Induction Program and recommended some of the provisions in this bill.”

Rettig continued, “Beginning teachers need support in their first years and not a meaningless test. The extra resources given to the school boards will only strengthen the profession by encouraging our newest teachers.”

onion movie the divx download “We are also pleased to see that the Governing Council of the Ontario College of Teachers will have a majority of classroom teachers, but are disappointed at the small majority of one,” Rettig said. “We are also anxious to see the election regulation because we are concerned about the apparent restriction of democratic rights to hold office on the Governing Council.”

“Several parts of this bill return to regulation areas where the previous government had legislated to the point of stagnation. These changes makes it possible for education policy to be more responsive to needs” she said. “This is a welcome and positive change. Giving student trustees a greater role is also a move in the right direction.”

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Rettig concluded, “ We have some concerns about parts of the bill, including the section that addresses the division of responsibilities of the Minister and Boards of Education. It will be important for us to examine the regulation carefully. Teachers are encouraged by the Government’s commitment to consult before the implementation of this legislation.