Teachers Use Your Travel Allowances

As teachers we are required to travel from place to place for sports events, workshops, professional development and other activities. You might be eligible for a travel allowance for these out of pocket travel expenses, but this depends on the school board and your contract.

A travel allowance for teachers usually relates to travel during the performance of your regular duties or by a specific assignment from the school board and does not include travel from a teacher’s home to their place of work. An assignment as a consultant, resource teacher or lead teacher is an example where a travel allowance is ostensible, but that does not mean that the regular classroom teacher is excluded from making a claim.

Travel allowance rates are often agreed upon in teacher contracts and can range from .30 to .50 cents per kilometer. I haven’t found run into a teacher yet who can claim the cost of a meal in a travel allowance, but who knows, perhaps it might be possible in the future.

I suggest that you familiarize yourself with your cars tripometer and keep track of those trips outside the school in a logbook. It doesn’t take long for those kilometers to add up, especially if you’re the teacher who needs to bring a car for an emergency on the next overnight trip. Some classroom teachers have reported recuperating over $100 at the end of a school year from a travel allowance. Be sure to check out your contract for travel allowances.

Ask your human resources department about any forms you need to fill out, deadlines for submitting those forms, and when you are going to see a check.