Teachers Ratify New Provincial Contract

Saskatchewan teachers, who have been without a contract since last August, have voted 61.2% in favour of a new collective agreement with the provincial government and boards of education. The term of the agreement, which replaces the previous contract that expired last August, is September 1, 2004 to August 31, 2007.

The new agreement provides across the board salary increases of two percent in each of its three years. An additional experience increment beginning in the 15 th year of teaching, increases to allowances for principals and vice-principals and improved health plan funding are also key elements of the contract.

“While no collective agreement can completely satisfy 12,000 individuals, the majority of our members across the province felt the agreement was acceptable. We believe this contract benefits teachers now, while creating a base we can build on as we continue to address important issues such as retention, recruitment and bringing the compensation of Saskatchewan teachers more in line with their counterparts in other provinces,” said Federation President Murray Wall.

The collective agreement covers over 12,000 teachers in the province’s public and separate schools.