Teachers Contribute to Earthquake Relief in South Asia

The BC Teachers’ Federation has committed $10,000 to assist victims of the devastating October 8 earthquake in Pakistan and India.

Latest reports indicate that as many as 73,000 perished and 70,000 were injured, many of them children. An estimated three million people have been left homeless.

“Because the quake struck in the morning, most students and teachers were in their classrooms just beginning the school day. Tragically, many were buried in the rubble when school buildings collapsed,” said BCTF President Jinny Sims.

Sims said the BCTF will channel its donation through the global teachers’ organization, Education International, which has member organizations in Pakistan and India.

“Education International has affiliates with teachers on the ground in the disaster zones,” Sims said. “They have first-hand knowledge of how the money can best be directed to help students, teachers, and their families most adversely affected by the quake.”


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