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Why Does The Canadian Accept Sponsorship Advertising?

To support our commitment to provide tools on getting free resources and materials into the classroom, we accept sponsorship or advertising.

However, we share the concerns of our community and select only relationships that meet our policy standards and that recognize the special needs of our visitors.

What Are The Benefits of Becoming a Sponsor?

1. A large amount of exposure to a highly targeted educational audience.
2. Optional ALT tags and text below the ad may be specified.
3. You can specify the time of day of when your ad is shown.
4. You can specify if your ad is shown to new visitors only or all visitors.
5. Weekly statistics emailed to you based on adviews and follow throughs.
6. Special sponsorship opportunties are also available on request.


Free Stuff for Canadian Teachers is a web site published with the help of many other teachers from across Canada. It contains tools on getting free resources, teacher guides, software, computers and more into the classroom. Also available are current articles and inspirations relevant to Canadian educators. It has been published regularly since December of 1999.

For details on advertising policy, rates, see below:

Banner Advertising Policy & Practice

1. Ads must offer goods and/or services of specific interest to educators.
2. All ads must be in good taste.
3. Ads stating a position on controversial issues will not be accepted.
4. A limited number of ads will be accepted.
5. All ads must be in writing (no phone ads accepted).
6. First time advertisers take precedence over repeat ads.
7. Requests for pop up windows will be considered.
8. The Canadian is not bound by any verbal agreements to publish ads.
9. The Canadian accepts no liability for failure for any cause to publish any
10. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.

Banner Advertising Rate Card

1. Banner Advertising (Minimum Order $175 U.S./$200 Cdn.)

$7 per thousand page views small banner 88×31 pixels
$8 per thousand page views small banner 120×60 pixels
$9 per thousand page views large banner 125×125 pixels
$10 per thousand page views large banner 125×240 pixels

We offer a separate login area for our advertisers to view up to the minute page views and the number of click-throughs. Banner advertisers will receive a weekly email report outlining page views and click-throughs.

2. Content Advertising (Minimum Order $500 U.S./$600 Cdn.)

We offer unique opportunities to increase your web site, service or product brand awareness through 500-1000 word advertising supplements. Your content remains on our site for a full year, which will also help raise your profile in search engines.

All content advertisements are marked “Advertising Supplement” at the very bottom of the article.

Size specifications as follows:

Banner Size Specifications

button 88×31 – Must be under 6k
small banner 120×60 pixels – Must be under 8K
medium banner 125×125 – Must be Under 10K
large banner 120×240 pixels – Must be under 15k

Banner copy can be submitted in gif or jpeg format. Animations are accepted. For media rich banners please contact us for details.

Please fax or email Susan ( email: info(AT) for payment, contact information or to request further information on site statistics.

Some of Our Past Sponsors Include:

Teachers’ Investment Management
School and Teacher Websites
Edu-find Recruiters
Publishers Pipeline