Shelburne Regional High School Official Opening

Students got a chance to show off their new school’s modern classrooms and fitness facilities with the official opening today, Sept. 27, of Shelburne Regional High School.

The new school gives staff and students from grades seven to 12 access to larger classrooms, a full-size gym and a state of the art fitness room, a performance area and up-to-date technology.

“We’re celebrating more than a new school today,” said Education Minister Jamie Muir. “We’re celebrating the community of Shelburne, which pulled together to support the best school possible for their students and for their area.”

The community raised more than $350,000 for school enhancements including a new performance area, a new eight-lane running track and a multipurpose room for fitness equipment.

Mr. Muir praised the community for its co-operation and contributions to the new school.

“Staff, students, community and school board members and the school steering team should be very proud today,” said Mr. Muir. “Thank you for your ongoing co-operation and hard work over the years and for your significant and very successful fundraising efforts. You helped to make a new high school for Shelburne’s youth possible. Congratulations.”

“I echo the minister in commending all those involved in making this school a reality. It will enhance the education of Shelburne County students for years to come,” said Faye Haley, chair of the Tri-County Regional School Board.

The $13-million school opened its doors to more than 430 students last spring and the official opening was scheduled for the beginning of this school year.

Shelburne Regional High School is part of an ongoing school capital construction, expansion and renovation program funded by the Department of Education. The department will invest more than $320 million over the next six years in school capital projects.