Seller FAQ’s

How much do I receive when my products sell?

You will receive 70% of the gross amount of all sales. We charge 30% in order to pay for advertising, listing and credit card processing.

How do I receive payment?

On the last day of each month, you will receive a payment via Paypal.

How much should I charge for my products?

You are free to charge whatever price you want. As a rough guideline, we have noticed that teachers seem to value lesson plans based on three metrics:

a) number of pages

b) number of lesson plans or time needed to complete all of the lessons

c) flexibility of lesson plans – eg – different grade levels, various marking formats

For example a 20 page book with 2-3 lesson plans that could be used year after year would most likely sell for $10.

Can I receive a cheque?

No. We only make payments to your email address listed in Paypal.

How do I list products?

You must register for a teacher account to list your products for sale on our marketplace.