Science Lesson Plan

How to Stop the Spread of Germs

Class: Grade 4

Overview And Objective: This activity is wonderfully practical during the peak flu months of January. The objective is to demonstrate how the flu is passed between people. This is especially helpful as it will also increase health awareness on the part of your students.

The students will understand how germs spread causing the common flu. In addition, students will learn how to prevent the spread of germs by taking precautionary steps such as washing their hands.

Materials: Pots of Water + Glitter + Worksheet

The Lesson:

Start the lesson by talking about germs. You should add some visual elements to your presentation. You then talk about how the immune system of a body fights germs each and every second.

The second part of your explanation should revolve around how germs are spread when one person with the flu touches something with their hands (ag- after coughing on their hands) and then another person later touches the same object.

You then want to split the class up in to teams of three people. The glitter will represent germ. One member of each team will rub the glitter on their hands. This person will then touch other surfaces in accordance with the worksheet. The students will monitor this progress about the spread of germs. For example they will take note of all the places in the classroom where the students see glitter.

The students should then try to wash the glitter from their hands and see if they can shake hands without spreading any glitter. This will test how effectively they have learned to wash their hands.


This activity can be messy as you can have glitter all of your classroom.

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