Schools are Like Jigsaw Puzzles – Karen Hegeman

Each edge piece of a puzzle interlocks with two others to form the puzzle’s framework and give structure and support to the puzzle as a whole. Each piece has a unique design and cut that ensure just the right place to fit within the puzzle.

Each morning, staff members form edge pieces that interlock to create a safe environment and give support to each other and the whole. Each morning, they provide just the “right place” for each of the students to fit safely and securely. The staff members are strength and stability, and like the edge pieces, they do not stand alone in this responsibility.

There are always others to support and assist, ensuring that each and every student has a place.


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  1. I like what you had to say. We are a puzzle manufacturer in Newfoundland Canada. We are currently working on An education program in South Korea as well as puzzles in Family counseling and education in Atlantic Canada. I believe with your insight on community and eduaction there may be a program we could start with your school that could involve puzzles. If you are interested please contact me and we could come up with some ideas on how to make children and parents more involved in one others lives and some creative new learning ideas.

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