School Sports Week, Oct. 15 – 22

“School Sports Week is an opportunity to increase the public’s awareness of the values and needs of interscholastic athletics.

School sports, along with other student activities, are a vital and necessary component of a well-balanced school curriculum. Through the Quality Learning Agenda, the government is committed to providing a well-balanced curriculum that includes increased physical activity in our schools. We plan to do this with the support of our partners in communities throughout the province, including those who make up the New Brunswick Interscholastic Athletic Association.

The foundation for a fulfilling and healthy life begins with parents and continues through the years of public schooling.

It is only through the participation of many volunteer adults, including teachers, that students are able to participate in school sports activities. School physical education and school-organized intramural and extramural sports programs, along with community sports programs, contribute to the fitness, healthy lifestyles, academics and citizenship of students.

On the occasion of School Sports week, I offer my best wishes to all students who are participating in interscholastic athletics and applaud the efforts of the many volunteers in New Brunswick who contribute their time and energy in shaping the skills, attitude and capabilities of high school athletes.”