Saving Teachers Money on Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance seems to be going up all the time, but here are a few tips for saving money on your monthly insurance premiums.

What do teachers have that others want? Your insurance premiums are different if you use your vehicle for work purposes or recreational use. If you are on vacation why pay for the work premium, phone your insurance adjuster and change it for summer vacations. This may not work for all insurance, companies but it is worth a shot.

Avoid collision insurance on older cars. If your car is not very valuable why cover it for damage you do to your on car. Comprehensive insurance covers vandalism, theft and other types of damage.

Increase your deductible and reduce your collision costs. Of course the problem is that you have to pay more on smaller claims. If you are a driver that does not get into a lot of smaller accidents then this might be a strategy for you.

Shop for group policies offered through teacher unions, school boards or companies. It is amazing what kind of deals you can find if you spend some time researching insurance policies through local educational and corporate organizations.