Saskatchewan Literacy Skills AmongThe Best In Canada

Results of the 2003 International Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey
(IALSS), released today by Statistics Canada, shows that Saskatchewan literacy
skills are among the highest in Canada.

Saskatchewan ranked in the top third along with Yukon, BC and Alberta in the
four assessment areas: prose literacy, document literacy, numeracy and problem
solving. The province also ranked as well as the best performing countries
that participated in the survey.

“Literacy helps build strong communities, a skilled workforce and a vibrant
economy,” Learning Minister Andrew Thomson said. “We need to continue to work
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to ensure that all Saskatchewan people have appropriate knowledge and skills
to take full advantage of our economic growth and participate fully in the
social and cultural life of our province.”

Premier Lorne Calvert and Minister Thomson announced the Saskatchewan Literacy
Commission on Sept. 7th, 2005 to raise the profile of literacy, increase the
opportunities for literacy development and build a culture that supports life
long learning. The commission will build on the success of existing literacy
programs and services in the public, private and volunteer sectors and provide
a strong, co-ordinated approach to basic literacy and essential skills for all

pathology free download The IALSS is the Canadian component of the Adult Literacy and Life Skills
Survey, which was a joint project of the government of Canada and the
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The survey
measured the literacy skill sets of 23,000 Canadians aged 16 and over in terms
of how well adults use information to function in society and the economy.

“IALSS provides reliable baseline data on literacy levels that will enable the
Saskatchewan Literacy Commission to make sound decisions on policy, funding
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and programming,” Saskatchewan Literacy Commissioner Dr. Margaret Lipp said.

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