Saskatchewan Government Receives Education Panel Recommendations

Today, Learning Minister Andrew Thomson received the report of the Local
Accountability Partnerships Panel. The Panel provided recommendations for
enhanced parent and community participation in schools and a provincial
framework for local accountability for Kindergarten to Grade 12 education.

“To achieve the full benefits of restructuring, we need to ensure that parents
and community members throughout the province have the same opportunities for
involvement in local school governance and to influence their children’s
learning,” Thomson said. “I value the important role the Panel has played in
conducting such extensive research and providing government with helpful

The key issues addressed in the report are maintaining local voice in
education planning and decision making within the school divisions; ensuring
active participation of parents and community in schools; supporting
accountability in K-12 education and supporting the implementation of
SchoolPLUS and other policies and programs at the school and community level.

The panel was appointed in February of this year as part of the Education
Equity Initiative, a three-phased approach to restructuring Saskatchewan’s
education system focusing on improving equity, affordability and
sustainability. Craig Melvin was appointed to chair the Panel and was joined
by two other well-respected members of the education community, Shirley Gange
and Gary Shaddock.

“It was a privilege to recommend how public education might better encourage
and support families’ involvement in their children’s education,” Melvin said.
“The Panel appreciated the excellent advice they received from so many
individuals who took the time to participate in the review. We believe our
recommendations will extend the strong Saskatchewan commitment to parent and
community engagement in their schools. Teachers and children deserve every
possible support we can provide.”

“The government will provide a substantive response later this fall, after it
has conducted a thorough analysis of the recommendations and had an
opportunity to review the response of the public and stakeholder groups,”
Thomson said.

A copy of the report is available for download.