Santa’s Dead by Myroslava Maxymiw

For the Feast of St. Nicholas in December, I told my grade 2 students the story of St. Nicholas. I told them he was born into a wealthy family but as a child he would give the less fortunate people food and clothing. As an adult he continued his work with the poor and less fortunate. He spent his wealth and died a poor man. As soon as I said this, one of my students yelled in a high pitched and panicked voice, “Oh, no. Santa’s dead! Oh, no he’s dead! I won’t get any presents”. It took a minute to calm my student down and reassure him that Santa was working very hard at the North Pole. At this point my heart was pounding. I was envisioning the child’s parent accusing me of destroying their child’s Christmas because there was no Santa. Fortunately, my student wiped his tears, turned to the class and said, “Don’t worry everyone, the teacher made a mistake. It’s O.K. Santa isn’t dead.”