Running for Terry Fox by Evelyn Keith

I work as a Substitute Teacher. Actually, I like to call myself a “Guest Teacher”. One of the things I like the best is spending the day in a Grade 1 classroom. This fall, I was lucky enough to teach Grade 1 on Terry Fox Day.

The whole school was excited about participating in a run through the neighbourhood. To help the children understand WHY we run for cancer, I spent some time reading stories about Terry Fox. The students were very interested, and asked many questions.

After lunch we were called out to the school field and there we waited for our turn to run. We lined up at the start line. The pistol went with a bang. And we were off.

The run was only about 1 kilometer, through the school field and around a couple of city blocks. A parent helper ran with the fast runners; I took the rear.

We had gone quite a ways, but could not yet see the school yard, when “Tommy” started to lag behind. I grabbed his little hand, and told him that we could run together.

Huffing and puffing, he looked at me, and asked, “Do we have to run all the way to Toronto?”

And I laughed. Yes, we had talked about Terry’s run to Toronto. And I guess a Grade 1 child takes everything so literally, that Tommy assumed we were running to Toronto too!

It was a wonderful, honest comment. It still makes me laugh!