How To Make Reading Fun

Today, I’d like to talk a little bit about   Teresa Evans’ other best selling book called, Kid’s Reading Games.

As teachers, you know how critical it is for students to be competent readers. Reading is a basic skill that they will need to use every single day so you want to develop the core literacy skills.

If you are committed to finding fun, new ways to give students a solid grasp of these basic skills – your job is not an easy one. It can be time consuming searching for resources or creating your own projects. That’s why Rainbow Reading Games can help you.

The Rainbow Reading Games collection is a set of reading games and phonics games that make learning to read fun.

These are professional resources that are simple to use and simple to prepare. They are bright, colorful and engaging and most importantly effective.

This collection includes 8 sets of printable games that practice and review phonics skills and more advanced skills including antonyms, synonyms, prefixes, suffixes, compound words, contractions, plurals and homophones. Reading comprehension skills are also practiced with some of these games.

There are board games, dominoes games, card games and bingo games. For each style of game there is both a basic set and an advanced set.

These PDF files are downloaded to your computer immediately after you order. This means that you can print attractive, colorful games directly from your computer. Print exactly what you want, when you want and as many copies as you want.

This collection includes over 200 printable reading games to help children develop their reading skills and their confidence and the best part is that they will have loads of fun while they do!

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