Racial Discrimination Against Chinese Students

The following message regarding reports of racial discrimination against Chinese students in Saint John was released today by Education Minister Madeleine Dubé:

“Like most New Brunswickers, I was concerned over reports of Chinese students in Saint John being subjected to racial discrimination. I am utterly dismayed such unacceptable events have occurred.

“There is no place in a civil society for these types of actions. An attack on any individual in our province is an attack on all of us.

“Every year, a growing number of students from around the world, many from Asia, come to New Brunswick to attend university and our public schools. The presence of international students at our schools and in our communities has the potential for expanding the horizons of every student and citizen. Our international students enrich all of us by sharing themselves – their perspectives, their cultures, their ideas – with us.

“On behalf of New Brunswick citizens, I would like to convey our deepest regret that such incidents of racial discrimination should occur within our province. I am confident I speak for all New Brunswickers who see such acts as appalling.

“I encourage everyone to show support for our friends and neighbours in all our international communities within New Brunswick.”


6 Replies to “Racial Discrimination Against Chinese Students”

  1. I feel very bad for Asians that are ridiculed. I am doing a project on it in English. Discrimination and hatred do not make the world go round. The world needs to become a more tolerant place. Be calm and mellow, let the energy flow through your body.

  2. Something should be done about discrimination it isnt right I have a teacher that i am starting to wonder about and me and friend are both African American and we feel that we are being treated very unequal and we are going to start a petition so that the school will do something about this the only advice i have for teachers is dont teach where you have students of all races.

  3. I am Asian.. and many people are discriminative against many Asian people. I do not understand why? Are we not like the other people? Do we not feel the same things?

  4. im also doing a project in Language Arts on Discrimination. I feel its wrong that this is happening. Kid shouldnt be riduculed by their color, religion, etc. Also it morally and ethically wrong for people to allow this kind of behavior in a society. America still has alot to do. America is a melting pot, sooner or later people will have to realize this and stop critzing people that dont have the same religion as they do or thw same color of skin.

  5. ya no i dont give a bloody hell about the exchange students they are over privalleged and should not be here, they run in packs and when you try to talk to them they snobb you, its pointless to even bother with them.

  6. It is not only in one country that Asian or other background students are treated unequally. I can not mention the name of one Australian university because I worry about the revenge, such as the failure of our studies. Who is able to change?? It is nothing about English, marks, etv.

    We should not spend money to study overseas! We can not get the real respect!

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