Puppy Love by Kerri Shoesmith

One week before winter holidays I made an announcement to my grade five class, where I was covering for a maternity leave, that I was not going to be their teacher when I come back as I was hired to teach a grade five class at another school where the teacher was retiring. It was a very sad afternoon, as the class left home that day. The whole class knew I adore puppies and was anxiously waiting to get one. Many lesson examples in language and math revolved around puppies and dogs. The evening of the sad news one boy made a list of all the students in the class. Using the phone book he began calling his classmates to collect money. His mother asked what he was up to and he replied he was collecting money for a going away present. She thought that was great initiative and let him continue. Later that week, his mother overheard him calling the SPCA and asked who he was calling now. The class was trying to buy me a puppy because they wanted to cheer me up. The parents explained that as nice as the idea sounds it probably wasn’t a good idea. On the last day before holidays they surprised me with a gold bracelet with heart charm, a dozen long stem roses and a beautiful cake. Afterwards when I was told about their original plans I assured them that when I do get my puppy in June, I would make sure they got to meet her.