Proposed Legislation to Boost Student Performance

The McGuinty government would, for the first time, set provincial education outcomes as part of a new Student Performance bill to amplify its education initiatives and remove barriers to
greater student achievement, said Gerard Kennedy, Minister of Education.
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“The previous one-size-fits-all approach to education has been proven ineffective,” said Kennedy at St. Luigi Catholic School in Toronto where he visited a new teacher in her classroom. “This bill is a significant tune-up that would modernize education by creating the conditions of success for all of our students.”
The “Student Performance Bill” which will be introduced later today, contains several limited but substantive amendments to the Education Act and the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996, to support clear goals for improved student performance; partnership within education based on respect; and openness to the public.

The bill would provide the legal support needed to enable provincial education goals:

Improved Student Performance:
– ability to set clear provincial education outcomes for the first time
and the ability for the ministry to require school boards to meet
those outcomes
– formal on-the-job learning, including mentors, as the second step in
new teachers’ professional development
– teacher performance appraisals that support genuine teacher
– ability to add additional professional activity days for teacher

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– authorizing e-learning as a recognized instructional method
– ability to change maximum class size in regulation
– ability to enable long-term teacher collective agreements.

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Partnership in Education Based on Respect:
– ability to provide realistic supports for trustees including increased
– removing excessive personal penalties in the Education Act related to
trustee compliance
– empowerment and recognition of student trustees through new
scholarships, non-binding votes, new procedural rights and assured
– a revitalized Ontario College of Teachers that respects teachers as
professionals, has the confidence of its members and the public and is
de-politicized in carrying out its mandate.

Openness to the Public:

– requirements for public reporting
– increasing Community Use of Schools spaces.

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“Minister Kennedy has made it a matter of record that he values the commitment and hard work of Trustees in their unstinting contribution to public education,” said Rick Johnson, President of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association. “We are hopeful that today’s announcement will quickly lead to a fair honorarium that befits the position of School Board Trustee.”
“Providing effective supports for teachers is essential, especially when they are at the beginning of their career,” said Lisa Filipuzzi, Grade 3 teacher at St. Luigi Catholic School. “As a first year teacher, I can tell you that it can be challenging, but having an experienced teacher available to provide support will ensure that both myself and my students succeed.”
“The Minister has taken a positive and proactive stance to engage students across the province,” said Nathan Lachowsky, president of the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association. “This would set the foundation for future development and continued engagement of students – to be caring and compassionate about what they are learning and the decisions that affect