Project Overseas’ Orientation a Resounding Success!

Forty-eight teachers from across Canada helped to celebrate the 43nd anniversary of Project Overseas at a four-day Orientation course given by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) in Ottawa from July 3-6.

These Canadian volunteers make up twelve teams who will spend the summer helping teachers in developing nations in Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and the Middle East. The purpose of the Orienta-tion was to provide opportunities for team building as well as information and mate-rial vital to the success of the projects.

Project Overseas

Teachers who volunteer their time and talents assist in raising the academic and professional qualifications of teachers in developing countries. In addition to raising the profile of the teacher organization in the developing country, Canadian teachers learn from their host country colleagues and each other.

Since 1962, 1,710 Canadian teachers have participated in CTF’s Project Overseas program, working with close to 100,000 teachers around the world. The ripple effect of their participation has touched approximately 3 million students!

Project Overseas is financed by CTF, its Member organizations, and special grants from the Canadian International Development Agency, and the Wildrose Foundation (an Alberta Agency for International Development).


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  1. I have only been teaching for 3 years but would definitely be interested in doing something like this. Could you please forward me some more information.

    Thank you

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