Progress Continues On The Anti-Bullying Initiave

To mark the beginning of Bullying Awareness Week, November 14th – 20th, 2005,
Learning Minister Andrew Thomson today announced progress continues to be made
on the Government’s Anti-Bullying Strategy.

“At our request, the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) recently
approved mandating the ministries of education across Canada to work together
to establish a more effective exchange of programs, policies and legislative
tools to combat bullying among students and youth in our communities,” Thomson

In February 2005, Thomson announced Saskatchewan Learning’s Anti-Bullying
Strategy to address the issue of bullying among children and youth in schools,
within the context of the larger community. The CMEC agreement builds directly
on the work being accomplished in Saskatchewan and will collectively
strengthen efforts to prevent bullying, a problem that must be addressed on
many levels.

“The Government of Saskatchewan views bullying in schools as a serious
impediment to the learning success and well being of children and youth,”
Thomson said. “Bullying also raises concerns about the safety of our children
and youth and the criminal justice system may become involved depending on the
seriousness of the incident.

“We are moving this agenda forward in a number of ways. Saskatchewan Learning
has contracted the Canadian Mental Health Association to provide anti-bullying
and suicide prevention programming for Saskatchewan schools and communities.
Threat Assessment Training is being conducted to strengthen school and
community responses to issues of bullying,” Thomson concluded.

The Department of Learning recently surveyed all school divisions to determine
the current status of anti-bullying policies and practices in place. All
school divisions have policies to address issues of student conduct and
safety, and are promoting caring and respectful school environments.