Presentation of Teaching Excellence Awards

The Department of Education honoured five teachers at the 12th Teaching Excellence Awards ceremony held Saturday, Nov. 5 in Fredericton.

“I am delighted to commend the five recipients for the excellence of their work,” Education Minister Madeleine Dubé said. “Their commitment to the success of their students is remarkable and does tremendous credit to their profession.”

This year’s recipients are Claire Baudouin, École Amirault, Dieppe; Francine Babineau, Polyvalente A.-J.-Savoie, Saint-Quentin; Lisette Laplante-Roy, École Séjour-Jeunesse, Pointe-Verte; Nicole Chiasson, École La-Rivière, Pokemouche; and Roger Goguen, École Camille-Vautour, Saint-Antoine-de-Kent.

“These five teachers are a source of inspiration for their colleagues,” Dubé said. “They contribute significantly to the quality of our education system.”

The Teaching Excellence Award, established in 1992, is designed to recognize and honour teachers who display outstanding creativity, dynamism, and dedication.

Teaching Excellence Award recipients

School District 01:

Claire Baudouin

Claire Baudouin teaches Grade 2 at École Amirault in Dieppe. She is very dedicated to her work, ensuring that her classroom is a warm and welcoming place for her young students. The School District 01 recipient places a great deal of emphasis on developing her students’ self-esteem. She is generous with her encouragement and makes a point of highlighting successes. Attentive to her students’ needs, Baudouin explores every means possible to help them progress.

School District 03:

Francine Babineau

Polyvalente A.-J.-Savoie in Saint-Quentin is a lively place, and Francine Babineau has something to do with that. An optimist by nature and full of energy, the School District 03 recipient has distinguished herself through her commitment to making school a dynamic, enriching environment that is connected to its community. Thanks to her, the school now has a student lounge and a music room for budding musicians, as well as a sound and lighting system.

School District 05:

Lisette Laplante-Roy

As a Grade 2 and 3 teacher at École Séjour-Jeunesse in Pointe-Verte, Lisette Laplante-Roy has a knack for putting all teaching methods to work to help her students succeed. What’s more, she’s constantly on the lookout for new material to reinforce their learning. With her passion for teaching, Laplante-Roy has even published a book entitled J’apprends la grammaire en 2e année. Always concerned about giving her best, the recipient for School District 05 is very much appreciated by all of her colleagues.

School District 09:

Nicole Chiasson

Commitment and dedication are two words that characterize Nicole Chiasson, a Grade 4 teacher at École La-Rivière in Pokemouche. Her commitment to her students is boundless. She is constantly encouraging them to go further and to outdo themselves. Her dedication to the school is also widely recognized. She is always ready to lend a helping hand to support various committees or special projects. Many people seek her advice, and some have made her their confidante.

School District 11:

Roger Goguen

He wears his heart on his sleeve, and his students are his extended family. That sums up the recipient for School District 11. Roger Goguen teaches Grade 2 at École Camille-Vautour in Saint-Antoine-de-Kent. His classroom is a relaxed and inviting learning environment. His teaching is dynamic and strongly innovative. For 31 years now, Goguen has made school a place where students love to learn.