Lesson Plans For Black History Month

As you know, February is Black History month. We’ve summarized a brand new lesson plan for celebrating some of the most notable black Canadians.This lesson plan will open the minds of your students to individuals such as Harry Jerome, Portia White, and Mary Ann Shadd. Objective: At the end of this lesson, the student will […]

How To Build a Timeline For Your Class

One of the most useful teaching tools for history teachers are time-lines. The best free timeline builder that I’ve come across was XTimeline. If you have a blog or website for your class, you can easily embed a timeline into your class site. For student presentations you can also encourage students to create time-lines. For […]

Create A Digital Whiteboard For Your Class

[ad]Most corporate offices and some university classes have digital whiteboards. Unfortunately, in the past, most public schools could not afford this technology tool as it cost about $2000.  However, that may be about to change due to some generous knowledge sharing and the power of the Internet. First of all, what is a digital whiteboard? […]

Inspiration For Teachers

In case you missed it, here’s some slam poetry about what teachers “make?” Here’s a homework assignment for all teachers, parents, and students. Compulsory: Watch this video for 3 minutes in silence Pre-Requisite: Before your morning cup of coffee Optional: And if your eyes well up with tears, Grade: Congratulations, you’re human