Time to Start Using the Online Video?

Is it time to use Khan academy in your classroom? For those of you unfamiliar with this non-profit organization, here is a recent talk that Salman Khan gave at TED. The organization has over 3000 videos on a broad range of subjects – everything from calculus to biology. The non-profit is largely backed by the […]

Education is in the “Dark Ages”

According to a senior executive at Apple Computer, education is in the Dark Ages. “In general, education is in the dark ages,” he said, adding that education has challenges that are “pretty profound.” “It’s hard not to see that the textbook is not always the ideal learning tool,” Mr. Schiller said. Apple announced digital textbooks […]

How To Land a Teaching Job

This is a guest post by Candace Davies, Global Career Management Professional, Creator of ‘A+ Resumes for Teachers’ & Author of 101 A+ Teaching Job Search Tips ——————————————————————————————————————– If you have just finished college and have received your teaching degree, or are currently a professional not in the teaching field and you want to transition […]

Lesson Plan To Mark Death of Bin Laden

In the wake of the death of Osama Bin Laden, twitter was lighting up with teacher questions about how this historical event should be taught in classrooms. Here are some suggestions that we’ve gathered from some of the more popular tweets. Some Questions To Ask Students in Lesson Plan In order to facilitate a student […]