How To Make Reading Fun

Today, I’d like to talk a little bit about   Teresa Evans’ other best selling book called, Kid’s Reading Games. As teachers, you know how critical it is for students to be competent readers. Reading is a basic skill that they will need to use every single day so you want to develop the core […]

How to Make Math More “Fun”

One of the challenges for many teachers is how to make classes more engaging. In particular, teachers struggle with subjects such as Math, English and  Science that most students consider dull. Now that every student is used to gaming on an I-pad or Nintendo, it is difficult for a textbook written in the 80’s to […]

Labor Battle Looming For Ontario Teachers

Ontario teachers may be bracing for a labor shortage on the horizon. The McGuinty Liberals have proposed a wage freeze for the next two years. In addition, the government wants to  block any potential strikes. Ontario is currently facing a $15 billion dollar deficit and cutbacks are looming for a number of different public servants […]

Teacher Pension Benefits On the Chopping Block

It is clear that many teachers will not be receiving pension benefits that they long expected. The Ontario Teachers Pension Fund has a $9.6 billion dollar shortfall. The shortfall is largely due to record low interest rates. It is difficult for the OTP to generate 7% returns when interest rates are only 1%. Perhaps most […]

What are the Best Teaching Resources For New Educators

If you were starting out in the teaching profession what would be the top 3 books or teaching resources that you would want on your bookshelf? What books do you recommend to young teachers that are just starting out in their career? We recently conducted some research from the top educators in the U.S. and […]