New Teacher Award and New Mentorship Program

On the occasion of World Teachers’ Day, Education Minister Madeleine Dubé has announced the creation of a teacher award for outstanding anglophone teachers as well as a mentorship program for new francophone teachers.

“To formally recognize the positive impact teachers have on our youth, I am pleased to announce that the Department of Education and the New Brunswick Teachers’ Association (NBTA) have agreed in principle to launch a Minister’s Teacher Appreciation Award beginning in the 2005-2006 fiscal year,” Dubé said. “The award will recognize and honour teachers who display outstanding creativity, dynamism, and dedication.”

“The NBTA supports the establishment of the Ministers Teacher Appreciation Award,” NBTA president Indu Varma said. “I am happy that the award will highlight the outstanding work of New Brunswick teachers. It will be an acknowledgement and recognition of the dedication and commitment with which our teachers provide the best possible learning experiences for our students on a daily basis.”

The new award will be given yearly to one teacher in each of the nine anglophone districts. Details will be communicated at a later date by the Education Minister and the president of the NBTA. In the francophone sector, there is already a Prix d’excellence en éducation to recognize exceptional work by francophone teachers, and this year’s awards ceremony will be held on Nov. 5.

“The first years of teaching are crucial for all new teachers,” Dubé said. “They are confronted with the reality of the classroom and must put into practice what they have learned. I am therefore very pleased to announce that a new mentorship program will be implemented in the francophone sector this year to assist beginning teachers. This program will ensure a smooth transition between theory and practice by partnering new teachers with experienced ones.”

“We are delighted with this new mentorship program for beginning teachers,” said Louise Landry, president of the Association des enseignantes et des enseignants francophones du

Nouveau-Brunswick “The better prepared they are for the many challenges they will face in their profession, the better our students will learn. As we celebrate World Teachers’ Day, we must not disregard the need to provide the best possible training for our teachers, especially those who are starting out in the profession and have their whole careers ahead of them.”

A similar mentorship program already exists in the anglophone sector.

“On this World Teachers’ Day, I encourage students, parents, and all New Brunswickers to thank our teachers for their efforts to help prepare our children for life beyond the classroom,” Dubé said.