New Brunswick Renews Education Agreement With China

The Department of Education will continue to deliver educational support and services to China, Education Minister Madeleine Dubé announced today.

An agreement signed today between the Department of Education, Atlantic Education International Incorporated and AKD International Incorporated will see New Brunswick’s public school curriculum continue to be taught at both the Beijing and Shenzhen Concord Colleges of Sino-Canada , and introduced at a new international school in Beijing. The new agreement is effective until July 31, 2008.

“We are very pleased to continue this strong partnership that we have developed over the years with both China and Dr. Francis Pang,” Dubé said. “Expanding our educational partnership will create new opportunities for Chinese students and help build even greater cultural and economic exchanges between China and New Brunswick.”

This past January, Pang’s company, AKD International Inc., was the successful bidder to build and operate a new international school in Beijing. Capital International School in Beijing will be located in the heart of Beijing’s new diplomatic section, and will be attended by children of diplomats, journalists and other foreign nationals from around the world.

“I am very honoured to have such an important task to undertake,” Pang said. “I am confident that the partnership with New Brunswick and our proven track record will make this school a huge success.”

The new international school is scheduled to open in 2006 and will have an estimated enrolment of over 2000 students when fully operational.

New Brunswick and China began their educational partnership in 1997. Since then, over 1,500 students each year have attended New Brunswick-supported schools in China. The partnership has also annually provided an opportunity for over 200 Chinese students to attend classes in New Brunswick, and for 30 students and teachers from New Brunswick to visit and learn in China.


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