N.B., Ontario, Alberta to Share Digital Teaching Resources

The education departments of New Brunswick (francophone sector), Alberta and Ontario will increase their co-operation in the area of digital teaching resources, Education Minister Madeleine Dubé announced today in Fredericton.

“This co-operation framework promotes sharing of the digital resources produced by each province,” Dubé said. “Digital teaching resources are increasingly being used to support student learning, particularly in online courses. Thanks to this framework, we will be able to increase the number of resources available in our schools more rapidly.”

Digital instructional resources can be compared to CD-ROMs. They make use of text, image and sound to explain subjects taught in school. The new co-operation framework will facilitate knowledge transfer, research and the development of digital content.

“As part of the Quality Learning Agenda, the provincial government committed itself to expanding the use of technologies in the classroom to support learning,” Dubé said. “This co-operation framework will help us to achieve that objective.”