More than 800 New Teachers Benefit from Mentorship Program

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More than 800 new teachers in the province are participating in a mentorship program in which each is partnered with an experienced teacher, Education Minister Madeleine Dubé announced today.

“The first years of teaching are crucial for novice teachers,” Dubé said. “They are confronted with the reality of the classroom and they have to put into practice what they have learned. That is the reason the mentorship programs have been set up.”

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During the course of this year, the New Brunswick government spent $1.5 million to extend the mentorship program to a larger number of first- and second-year teachers.

“The mentors provide valuable guidance and advice that give new teachers greater confidence as they begin their careers,” Dubé said. “They also pass on the benefits of their experience and their teaching practices.”

The mentorship programs have been well received by teachers and school districts, and they are also supported by both provincial teachers associations.

“The mentorship program is based on the conviction that quality teaching is essential to a quality education,” Dubé said.

This type of program is becoming more common in Canada. Ontario and Nova Scotia have also established programs similar to New Brunswick’s.

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