Minister’s Excellence in Teaching Award Launched

A new award has been established to recognize anglophone-sector New Brunswick teachers for their invaluable contributions to the education of New Brunswick youth.

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Education Minister Madeleine Dube announced the Minister’s Excellence in Teaching Award during a visit to Alexander Gibson Memorial School in Fredericton today.

“We have all heard or seen first-hand examples of dynamic teachers who have displayed outstanding creativity, innovation and dedication,” Dubé said. “I am very excited about this award, and I think it is a fitting way to acknowledge excellence in teaching.”

The Minister’s Excellence in Teaching Award is designed to:

-recognize and honour teachers who help promote excellence in their schools;
-demonstrate the high calibre of teachers working in the province’s schools;
-enhance the image of education in general, and teaching in particular;
-encourage creative, innovative, renewed, and effective teaching;
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-educate the general public about excellence in schools, and encourage members of the public to participate in school life.

Recommendations for the Minister’s Excellence in Teaching Award may be submitted by individuals or groups (parent/school support committees, home and school associations, student councils, branches of the teachers’ associations) in the nominee’s school district.

“The New Brunswick Teachers’ Association applauds the establishment of the Minister’s Excellence in Education Awards,” Indu Varma, President of the New Brunswick Teachers’ Association, said. “The awards will showcase outstanding teaching practices, honour teachers for their high calibre of teaching, and celebrate their achievements.”

The Minister’s Excellence in Teaching Award will be presented annually to one teacher in each of the nine anglophone school districts. The award’s first recipients will be celebrated at a ceremony in Fredericton before the end of the school year, on a date to be determined.

divx player 5150 Nomination forms for the award will be available online at, or from any of the nine anglophone school district offices. The deadline to submit nominations is March 31, 2006.

A similar award, Prix d’excellence dans l’enseignement, is presented to teachers in the francophone sector in November of each year

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