Mathematics Teacher by Rob Behm

One of my most embarrassing, yet, when I look back, a funny moment of my teaching career occurred when I starting teaching at an all girls school in Kitchener.

I had one terrible cold and it was just beginning to break up. However, as most colds end, my nasal cavities were completely filled with a thick greenish yellow mucus.

I can still remember the fatal day today. I was writing on the board with my back to the class. All of a sudden, I had to sneeze and I had no kleenex in my pocket. My desk was at the other end of the room.

The sneeze came fast and my first reflex was to put my hand up to my nose. The sneeze exploded and released mounds of mucus into my hands and plastered my face in the time being as well.

Well, what does a teacher do when his back is to the class and his hands and face are covered in a greenish-yellow mucus. What could I do?

I turned around and the class broke out in a fit of laughter.


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