How to Make Math More “Fun”

One of the challenges for many teachers is how to make classes more engaging. In particular, teachers struggle with subjects such as Math, English and  Science that most students consider dull. Now that every student is used to gaming on an I-pad or Nintendo, it is difficult for a textbook written in the 80’s to hold the student’s attention.

For this reason, I was pleased to be introduced to a teacher named Teresa Evans. She has devoted a lot of time and energy to creating fun games for math and reading.  She created two best selling products called Making Math Fun and Kid’s Reading Games.

This Fun Math Games Collection gives teachers, parents and home-school families a huge collection of Math Board Games, Math Card Games, Math Print and Play Games Sheets and loads and loads of Math Games Ideas including math fact games for kids and hands on math games.

Right now, all around the world teachers are using these games to introduce, review and reinforce math concepts. These games are ideal as a supplement to any math curriculum.

They are simple and easy to use and provide you with the perfect way to get students applying their math skills without them even realizing that they are doing math!

With this collection you will save yourself loads of time – you won’t have to hunt around for games, come up with your own ideas or create your own resources. The games will be there on your computer ready for you to access and print exactly what you need whenever you need it! These are PDF files that are downloaded to your computer immediately after you order. You can print what you want, when you want and as many copies as you want.

Do you have students who are struggling? These games are a simple and effective way to reinforce basic skills. Best of all, our math games make math practice fun and interesting.

Do you have students who need to be challenged? The games also provide fun, quality activities for challenging advanced kids.  They are designed to be entertaining and engaging.

This Fun Math Collection includes:

– Printable Math Board Games – full color board games that you just print and hand out.

– Printable Math Card Games – print the cards, cut them out and they’re ready to play.

– Print and Play Math Games Sheets – games for 2 players that you just print and hand out.

– Collection of Math Games Ideas – most of these requiring very little equipment or preparation.

The Making Math More Fun Collection contains loads of games that cater to different ability levels and learning styles. It is a selection of easy to use, colorful games that bring math and fun together to make math interesting, exciting and meaningful.

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