Math Communication Kits Distributed to Elementary Schools

A tool kit of mathematics resources will help teachers keep parents informed and involved in their children’s education.

The province will deliver a total of 330 Math communication kits to every elementary school in the province beginning today, Nov. 3.

The Mathematics: Home-School Communication Kit was designed by teachers and is packed with useful information to help Primary to Grade 6 teachers communicate effectively with parents.

“The key purpose of this initiative is to improve communication between the classroom and home,” said Education Minister Jamie Muir. “The more information teachers can share with parents and the more families understand what’s happening in the classroom, the better off students will be.”

The kits contain valuable curriculum information, suggested activities for curriculum nights and student-led conferences, sample letters to parents, and an award-winning guide book on involving families in their child’s math education.

Each kit box also contains a 20-minute video that explains why math instruction has changed and how it will benefit children.

Donna Karsten, the Department of Education’s mathematics consultant, said the communication kit is full of resources that will make it easier for teachers to stay in touch with parents.

The kits are part of the province’s Primary to Grade 9 Mathematics Strategy to improve student achievement. The province is investing an additional $1.8 million this year to help more students succeed at math.

The strategy, launched in 2002, includes increased instructional time, math mentors to support classroom teachers, new math courses, new textbooks and other learning resources, homework resources, and increased professional development.