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Geometers Sketchpad
As teachers we prepare dynamic lessons for students with overheads, posters, videos, and manipulatives. And now we have the development of dynamic geometry software. It has allowed the user to make constructions that maintain its geometrical relationship, so that even if someone drags a point on the screen the geometrical relationship is still defined...
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Take Advantage of Teacher Credit Unions
Teacher credit unions offer a combination of old fashioned personal attention, with modern financial services. There are a number of advantages to using credit unions in general and for teachers specifically...
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Teachers Use Your Travel Allowances
As teachers we are required to travel from place to place for sports events, workshops, professional development and other activities. You might be eligible for a travel allowance for these out of pocket travel expenses, but this depends on the school board and your contract...
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Saving Teachers Money on Auto Insurance
Auto Insurance seems to be going up all the time, but here are a few tips for saving money on your monthly insurance premiums...
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Teachers Can Travel For Free
There are a number of books out there that discuss frugal traveling tips, but I say “Why travel cheap, when you can travel for free?” There are many travel opportunities for educators out there, whether it is traveling on a cruise, taking a tour or vacationing abroad...
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