Lesson Plans For Black History Month

As you know, February is Black History month. We’ve summarized a brand new lesson plan for celebrating some of the most notable black Canadians.This lesson plan will open the minds of your students to individuals such as Harry Jerome, Portia White, and Mary Ann Shadd.

Objective: At the end of this lesson, the student will be able to recognize famous Black Canadians and identify their contributions to Canadian History.

Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 3rd – 6th
Objective: To read for information and understanding and discover relationships, concepts by utilizing a variety of written and electronic resources.

To enhance the ability to use online tools and timelines to enhance the knowledge of Canadian history.

Standards: Take notes to record and organize data, facts and ideas and produce clear, well-organized reports

Materials: Books or websites pertaining to notable Black Canadians including politicians, activists, artists etc.

Anticipatory set: Who are some famous political activists or artists that students are familiar with?

Procedures: Teacher selects some of the more notable figures in Canadian Black History.  Students can work in teams or pairs to research and identify the areas that they were involved in and how they were beneficial to the history of Canada. Their notes would include the time frame that they lived, their specific role and other historical data or individuals from that time period. Students can create a multi-media timeline.

Assessment: a- The information can be utilized to do a comparative timeline of events in history
to show when they lived and well-known events.
b- Share written reports with documented information of the life and contributions of these individuals.