Lesson Plan To Mark Death of Bin Laden

In the wake of the death of Osama Bin Laden, twitter was lighting up with teacher questions about how this historical event should be taught in classrooms.

Here are some suggestions that we’ve gathered from some of the more popular tweets.

Some Questions To Ask Students in Lesson Plan

In order to facilitate a student discussion here are some questions that you can ask:

  1. What is your reaction to the death of Bin Laden?
  2. Is it okay for us to celebrate Bin Laden’s death?
  3. Have the students view and compile newspaper headlines from different parts of the world. How would you describe the reactions of people around the world? Are the reactions different in some countries?
  4. Do you think that images of his death should be released to the public?
  5. Will his death put an end to some of the conspiracies floating around the Internet about 9/11?

The next part of your lesson plan can include some of the biographical details of Osama’s rise to power.

Timeline For Lesson Plan

You can use a timeline teaching tool and have students create an interactive presentation about his life by gathering video, text and images from across the Internet.

The NYT created a sample timeline of his life that can be used as a reference.

Students should focus their own timeline on different stages of his life and organize the timeline according to a theme.

For example, one timeline might have to do with his involvement in the resistance movement against the Soviets while another timeline might focus on post 9/11 events.

The timeline can be worked on and presented as group projects.