Launch of Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

Learning Minister Deb Higgins participated in the provincial launch of Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week, which runs February 6th-10th, 2006. She joined students, teachers, staff and parents at Silverspring School in Saskatoon to celebrate the annual event, which is run in partnership with the Saskatchewan Association of School Councils.

“Marking this week gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation to the teachers and support staff who make Saskatchewan’s schools high-quality and inviting places to learn,” Higgins said. “Few people are more influential in children’s lives than the people they interact with every day at school. The dedication of teachers and staff provides a learning environment that supports the well-being of our young people, their families and all Saskatchewan

Silverspring School is one of eight Saskatchewan schools that has been part of a three-year study on “Effective Schools.” Minister Higgins noted that, in addition to the dedication of teachers and staff, “This school rises to the top because of the incredible involvement of parents in the school community.”

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