Labor Battle Looming For Ontario Teachers

Ontario teachers may be bracing for a labor shortage on the horizon. The McGuinty Liberals have proposed a wage freeze for the next two years. In addition, the government wants to  block any potential strikes.

Ontario is currently facing a $15 billion dollar deficit and cutbacks are looming for a number of different public servants including doctors.

According to the Globe

The province has given school boards and teachers until the end of the month to sign local deals similar to one it reached with English Catholic teachers, which included three unpaid days off and eliminating the banking of sick days.

Many teachers were infuriated at comments made by the Education Minister.

“I don’t believe the average Ontario worker would expect to get a 5.5 per cent pay hike in these economic times just because they took the summer off and refused to negotiate a new agreement,” she said.

“What I’m saying today is that won’t happen. We won’t let it happen.”