Kindergarten Lesson Plan About Formation of Letters

Subject: Language Arts
Grade: Kindergarten
Topic: Alphabet Letters
Content: Recognition and mastery of formation of the letters of the alphabet, with specific emphasis is on the
letter C.
Goals: Students will be able to recognize, identify and write the letters of the alphabet, with mastery of the letter C in this

1. Given writing worksheets students will be able to form and write the letter C correctly.
2. Given a poem, song, or finger play students will be able to identify and highlight all letter C’s.
3. Given a craft project students will be able to associate an object with the corresponding letter.
4. Given time to work in a sensory center, students will be able to identify, write, match, pronounce and form the
letters correctly.

Materials: Worksheets, craft supplies, sensory materials: shaving cream, stencils, and play dough.

Introduction: Read a piece of literature that emphasizes the letter C. Teacher will use a Big Book so that children can visually observe this letter. Books such as: Cat in the Hat, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, The Cloud Book, Caps for Sale.
Development: Model how to write the letter C. Students take turns practicing at the board after modeling.
Practice: Students will be given a worksheet to complete, practicing the letter C independently. Students will be directed to
sensory centers around the room for additional practice. A highlighting activity will provide further practice for students.

Accommodations: Students with dexterity problems will be assisted by the teacher or teacher assistant.
Checking For Understanding:
Observe the students as they complete the worksheet, at the centers and during the highlighting activity.
Closure: Bring closure to this lesson by reading another piece of literature that exemplifies the letter C.
Evaluation: The worksheets, center work and highlighting activity will be assessed by the teacher. A rubric can be created for the
center work and highlighting.
Teacher Reflections:
Did the students find success with this lesson?

Did they enjoy the various activities of this lesson?

What can I add when teaching the next letter?

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