Kids Say the Darndest Things by Paula Comeau

During my practicum last year, I decided to try out a classroom management suggestion from my advisor. On this particular day, I passed out one circle to each student in the grade one classroom. Each circle was (green on one side, and red on the other. I explained to the students that they should keep the circles on their desks. If they were working independently and well on their own, they would leave the green side up for “Go”. If they were having difficulty or had to ask me a question, they should turn the circle over to show the red side for “Stop!”. The students were very excited about using this new method. Shortly after I have given them these instructions, I noticed that a little girl had turned her circle over to red. I approached her and said, “Yes, Sarah, do you have a question?” She asked, “Mrs. Comeau, do we turn the circles to the red side if we have a question?” “Yes, Sarah” I answered, “Did you have a question, Sarah?” She replied innocently, “Yes, that was it!”