K-12 Winter Olympics Units and Resources

Primary (Pre-K – Grade 3)

Australia and the Olympics (lesson plans can be adapted for the country in which the Olympics

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are being held this season)

Worksheets and Coloring Pages Grades 2 and 3 worksheets and writing paper with a Winter Olympics theme

Official Torino 2006 Coloring Book Meet Neve and Gliz, the official mascots of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics, and their friends in a coloring book about the Olympics

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Junior (Grade 4-Grade 6)

  Aboriginal Games From Living Traditions, games and activities adaptable for grades 2-8 along with information on Aboriginal peoples. An interesting study during Winter Olympics months

 Olympic School Program  Lesson plans for grades 4-6 from the Canadian Olympic Committee – teachers must register to access programs

Mr. Donn’s Lesson Plans – Classroom Olympics A classroom simulation of the Olympics using ‘events’ in all subjects

Where In the World? Scholastic mini-lesson on the Olympic Games and locations where they’ve been held

Student Pages Excellent resource and example of student Olympics web site. Features several cyberhunts

Comparing Olympic Records Get students interested – unit involves research skills as students find current Olympics records and record holders and predict new records that will be set in this years’games

Intermediate (Grade 7-Grade 9)

Live from Olympia Students become television reporters at the ancient Olympics. Excellent and challenging unit for intermediate students

Trading Cards  from PBSkids – a lesson on collecting collectibles that has the class making their own ‘trading cards’ – key to Winter Olympics by having each student choose a winter Olympic sport or athlete for their card (grades 6-8)

Senior (Grade 10-Grade 12)

Winter Olympics Crossword at Infoplease. This monster of an interactive crossword puzzle can keep your class busy researching for weeks.

The Olympics & The Environment Not a lesson plan, but a wealth of information about the ‘third side’ of the Olympics – the environment and sustainability. From the official 2006 Turin Olympics web site

General Resources

 CBC Olympics Countdown

 The CBC special reports page for the Winter Olympics with a wealth of information about sports, athletes and more.

 Vancouver 2010 The official website of the 2010 Olympics to be held in Vancouver

 Educational Resources 2010 Documents in PDF format for class study

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The Sports of the Winter Olympics 17 sports – the official site includes the rules, highlights, secrets, the athletes and past medal winners. An excellent resource for research

Winter Olympics other resources – winter Olympics history through the years

Official Olympic lesson plans to cover all subject areas – designed for use with Athens Summer Olympics, but adaptable

An educators guide to the winter Olympics (2002) with many printables and lesson plans about the Olympics and traditions

Winter 2006 The official educators web site for the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics

International Paralympics Held in conjunction with the 2006 Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics at InfoPlease – an excellent research resource for projects on the 2006 Olympics. Includes information on winter Olympic sports

Kids Village The official kids site for the Turino Winter Olympics 2006

The Olympic Flame Follow the progress of the Olympic Flame as it makes its way around Italy

CNN Special Report Primary resource for planning and research for Winter Olympics