K-12 Spring Units and Resources

Primary (Pre-K – Grade 3)

 Spring Theme Unit with integrated activities and objectives that meet multiple Ministry of Education standards

Cambodian New Year falls in the Spring. Explore the symbols and reasons with coloring pages and activities

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April Fools Day for grades 2-3. Explore the origins of the fun Spring holiday and create a Cuckoo Hunt

Plants Theme Unit A full Spring unit on growing plants with activities, resources and lesson plans that cover all subject areas

April Showers Unit For Pre-K and kindergarten – rain, rainbows and April activities. Solid theme unit covers all learning areas

Springtime Activities Collection of dozens of Springtime songs, activities, lessons and games

First Day of Spring Seeds, plants and planting activities to correlate with Spring theme

Hop Into Spring while watching frog’s eggs develop through tadpoles and into frogs. Language arts, math, science unit for 1st graders

Junior (Grade 4-Grade 6)

  Poetic Spring Haiku is a poetic form especially suited to writing about nature. 2-3 week unit focuses on writing haiku, with listening, reading, writing and analysis exercises for 6th graders.

Robin’s Journey Students test the theory that robins return to the Northern Hemisphere along with temperature change. Tracking temperature and robin’s arrival opens discussion and learning about migration, migratory patterns and Springtime

Reason for the Season A mini-unit exploring the astronomy of Spring

The Sun and The Earth Explore the reasons that the seasons change through research, the Internet and hands on activities

Pollination Parties! What’s really going on with the birds, bees and butterflies? Junior students explore the concept of pollination in plants. Excellent theme lesson from the Discovery Channel

March Madness Use NCAA basketball to integrate math, language arts, physical education and technology – or adapt for use with another sports tournament

Intermediate (Grade 7-Grade 9)

The Journey North An exciting annual project by Annenberg Media. Extremely well-organized site with activities and lessons that follow the arrival of Spring across the Northern Hemisphere. This link is to the Teacher Tips page, which links to many individual classroom projects. An example: Follow Spring with observation, writing, reading, science and math activities related to Spring’s arrival. Developed for grades 4-8, with suggestions for adapting for older and younger students.

Writing Spring Haiku With lesson plans, suggested resources and readings

Even the Grass Won’t Grow A non-linear themed unit that challenges students to use all their resources to solve a problem. Well-developed and well-organized, non-traditional learning plan.

Senior (Grade 10-Grade 12)

To Every Season Explore the reasons for the seasons through research and hands on activities with this Expeditions theme unit lesson plan

Natural Habitats A lesson on establishing natural habitats with hands-on opportunity to study and create a natural habitat as a class

General Resources

 Rainbow Lesson Spring means rainbows – and Crayola-Canada offers a great science and language arts lesson for 4-6th grade students to use in conjunction with a Springtime theme unit.

Growing Plants Planting gardens and growing plants is a natural springtime activity for the classroom. Below is a list of links to some of the best gardening go-with lessons we’ve found.
Herbs in the Classroom K-8 For older students, extend the lesson into other areas (create a cookbook with recipes using those herbs? Research the herbs in folklore and medicine?)

Class Garden K-5 garden theme unit. Planting an outdoor garden addresses planning, research, mathematics, science, language arts objectives.

  Grasshoppers Explore biodiversity through grasshoppers in the garden. Be a Pest detective at Canadian Geographic

Rubber Gardens A unit on gardening and recycling for upper elementary through Senior students